The star of the evening was Jacques Delacôte. Already during the overture he captivated with a fiery brio, continuously escalating the dramatic conflicts to discharge them afterwards in an explosion. This conductor unfolded together with the Staatsorchester a Mediterranean aroma.
(Carmen, Bayrische Staatsoper) MÜNCHNER MERKUR, 1996

The real star of the evening was, however, the conductor Jacques Delacôte, who shaped the opus with a tender familiarity. Impressive, how Delacôte elaborated the difference between the oratorical character of the outer acts and the dramatic feature of the central part. Thrilling, how he built up suspense – always breathing naturally with the tune -, how he let the big duet between Samson and Dalila become the centre of the score and led it then, by force, into the catastrophe.
(Samson and Dalila, Opernhaus Zürich) NEUE ZÜRICHER ZEITUNG, 1997

Suspense guarantor’s N°1 – Jacques Delacôte at the desk, who drove the Staatsorchester into a captivating, dynamic and fascinating agonic differentiation, and who let the “hit” already happen from the pit.
(Carmen, Bayrische Staatsoper) DER NEUE MERKER, 1999

A huge Puccini ecstasy rose from the pit, where Jacques Delacôte attended his duties, as usual, full of drive and suspense.
(La Bohème, Bayrische Staatsoper) DER NEUE MERKER, 2001

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Jacques Delacote